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Drinking Coconut Water For Hydration

December 31, 2011

Significance Of Coconut Water For Hydration

Researchers all over the world have authenticated that the use of coconut water for hydration can effectively rehydrate the whole body. Water is essential for the body and is a component required for hydration. However, the cellular fluid balance can be Coconut water and hydrationattained when water along with electrolytes is present in sufficient amounts.

The electrolytes produce a compound that controls the progress of fluids across cells. If the amount of electrolytes and the water of the cell reduce, the body gets dehydrated. Therefore, it is crucial to replace the electrolytes and the water level to balance efficient fluid absorption by the cells.

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Is coconut water for hydration the ideal option

Red blood cells are not impaired due to coconut water. It is non-allergic and suitable for the body so it is regarded as a secure and positive means of re-hydration. Additionally, it boosts the immunity power, balances the PH level, promotes digestion, manages cholesterol and sometimes helps in urinary tract issues. It is also high in various nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

It is also rich in the B-complex vitamins and potassium that are necessary as the body requires them from external resource in order to replenish. It aids to replenish deficit of certian minerals in the body caused by diarrhea that leads to dehydration. Also, since it is an organic and nutrient rich fluid, it is employed to help people who lose electrolytes due to diarrhea and vomiting.

Importance of electrolytes in coconut water for hydration

Electrolytes are vital for most of the cellular functionality of the body, particularly the nerve, muscle and cardiac functions. Electrolytes supplies appropriate cell hydration which in turn provides numerous health related benefits like muscle tightening, improvement of nervous systems, converts food into energy, develops mental focus, forms a protective shield in lungs, airways, eyes and nose. All these reason confirm the importance of coconut water for hydration.

Coconut water for hydration in Sports activities

It is exceedingly rich in electrolytes, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium which restores the electrolytes lost due to excess expulsion of body fluids and prevents dehydration. Coconut Water has a higher electrolyte content than many sports drinks and is 100% natural. Coconut water contains only natural sugar which in turn can be readily used by the body for energy production. It is a natural refreshing and revitalizing drink which makes it a healthier choice to other sports drinks.Young coconut water is rapidly growing in reputation as a natural hydrating alternative among athletes.  Wondering where to by coconut water that is pure, straight from the young coconut.

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Use of coconut water for hydration

Coconut water is easily available all over the world where it is utilized as a home remedy for rehydration. People generally utilize it to reinstate the loss of fluid from the intestinal tract and help cut the requirement for intravenous infusion. There are reports that have Young coconuts for hydrationconfirmed the many lives saved due to coconut water, thus establishing its immense value.

Pure Coconut water juice is different from coconut milk. The milk extract is derived by squashing and pressing the juice from ripe coconut meat. It is a creamy, smooth, white-colored fluid that looks like milk. Whereas, coconut water is somewhat opaque but resembles normal water. However, both are entirely dissimilar in flavor, nutrients and health benefits.

The electrolytes in coconut water are in essence similar to the ones traced in human blood. Also, it can be consumed without any complications. Due to these factors, there have been doctors in the past that used coconut water as an intravenous solution for dehydration.

Coconut water has a pleasant taste so it is used as an effectual oral rehydration drink. Some practitioners have realized its usefulness in combating dehydrating conditions like dysentery, cholera, and influenza in some third world countries. Coconut water has been used to be a successful electrolyte fluid in re-hydrating many individuals that need hydrating. All these vital factors and numerous health benefits have rightly earned coconut water the title of ‘fluid of life’ whereas, the coconut tree is referred to as the  ‘tree of life’.

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