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The advantages of coconut water

The advantages of coconut water and the craze

The advantages of Coconut water are known by many, but there are some who are recently hearing about the coconut craze. It is often referred to as nature’s soft drink. It has small amounts of fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Although it has no medical claims and it cannot cure or prevent medical issues, it helps in soothing the body during certain physical complications. There are many advantages of coconut water, mostly because it has a balanced amount of electrolytes. The advantages of coconut water doesn’t just stop there. There are several others, as you will soon discover.

General advantages of coconut water

Some of the general advantages of coconut water are:

  • As some claim, it is an isotonic natural beverage, that helps to keep the total body hydrated.
  • It helps to raise the metabolic rate of the body.
  • It helps to Remove the toxins from your body and helps to fight against virus.
  • It helps to balances the pH in the body.
  • It helps to provide nutrients and oxygen to the body.
  • It also helps in making the skin glow, if consumed daily.
  • It helps to eliminate the toxins present in the body.
  • It also helps in reducing the urinary problems.

Advantages of coconut water and culture
The advantages of coconut water have been used by cultures in the past. This is not scientific fact, but folklore.
1. A mixture of young coconut water and lemon juice is applied to hair and is left for half an hour to prevent hair falling.

2. Coconut water is directly applied on the scars and left for some time. This helps in reducing the severity of the scar and slowly the scar reduces. For better results, it can be mixed with turmeric powder and sandalwood powder. This is because; coconut water has cleansing property on the skin.

3. Direct intake of coconut water helps in balancing potassium and electrolyte levels.

5. Coconut water consumption helps in weight loss, as it has no bad fat content. Drinking young coconut water daily helps in eating excess food.

6. Regular consumption of coconut water contributes to the functioning of thyroid gland.

7. Coconut water provides cooling effect in the stomach. People with acidity could try tender young coconut water on empty stomach. Regular use of coconut water for few months may provide some relief from acidity.

8. Coconut water is a rich source of chlorides, potassium, magnesium and electrolytes. Potassium helps in effective functioning of heart and regulates blood pressure. It also aids in the healthy growth of baby’s hair.

10. During food poisoning, the electrolytes from the body are lost. The lost electrolytes are replaced by tender coconut water. It also provides enough minerals to be strong and healthy.

Apart from these benefits, it has many other benefits, which helps in maintaining your health and beauty. Like all foods straight from nature, the advantages of coconut water will always be there waiting for you to try.

The advantages of coconut water can be obtained by buying 100% pure coconut water in a container, or buy it still in the coconut.

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What are 10 advantages of coconut water?

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Drinking Coconut Water For Hydration

Significance Of Coconut Water For Hydration

Researchers all over the world have authenticated that the use of coconut water for hydration can effectively rehydrate the whole body. Water is essential for the body and is a component required for hydration. However, the cellular fluid balance can be Coconut water and hydrationattained when water along with electrolytes is present in sufficient amounts.

The electrolytes produce a compound that controls the progress of fluids across cells. If the amount of electrolytes and the water of the cell reduce, the body gets dehydrated. Therefore, it is crucial to replace the electrolytes and the water level to balance efficient fluid absorption by the cells.

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Is coconut water for hydration the ideal option

Red blood cells are not impaired due to coconut water. It is non-allergic and suitable for the body so it is regarded as a secure and positive means of re-hydration. Additionally, it boosts the immunity power, balances the PH level, promotes digestion, manages cholesterol and sometimes helps in urinary tract issues. It is also high in various nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

It is also rich in the B-complex vitamins and potassium that are necessary as the body requires them from external resource in order to replenish. It aids to replenish deficit of certian minerals in the body caused by diarrhea that leads to dehydration. Also, since it is an organic and nutrient rich fluid, it is employed to help people who lose electrolytes due to diarrhea and vomiting.

Importance of electrolytes in coconut water for hydration

Electrolytes are vital for most of the cellular functionality of the body, particularly the nerve, muscle and cardiac functions. Electrolytes supplies appropriate cell hydration which in turn provides numerous health related benefits like muscle tightening, improvement of nervous systems, converts food into energy, develops mental focus, forms a protective shield in lungs, airways, eyes and nose. All these reason confirm the importance of coconut water for hydration.

Coconut water for hydration in Sports activities

It is exceedingly rich in electrolytes, mainly potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium which restores the electrolytes lost due to excess expulsion of body fluids and prevents dehydration. Coconut Water has a higher electrolyte content than many sports drinks and is 100% natural. Coconut water contains only natural sugar which in turn can be readily used by the body for energy production. It is a natural refreshing and revitalizing drink which makes it a healthier choice to other sports drinks.Young coconut water is rapidly growing in reputation as a natural hydrating alternative among athletes.  Wondering where to by coconut water that is pure, straight from the young coconut.

Shop for 100% pure and natural coconut water juice

Use of coconut water for hydration

Coconut water is easily available all over the world where it is utilized as a home remedy for rehydration. People generally utilize it to reinstate the loss of fluid from the intestinal tract and help cut the requirement for intravenous infusion. There are reports that have Young coconuts for hydrationconfirmed the many lives saved due to coconut water, thus establishing its immense value.

Pure Coconut water juice is different from coconut milk. The milk extract is derived by squashing and pressing the juice from ripe coconut meat. It is a creamy, smooth, white-colored fluid that looks like milk. Whereas, coconut water is somewhat opaque but resembles normal water. However, both are entirely dissimilar in flavor, nutrients and health benefits.

The electrolytes in coconut water are in essence similar to the ones traced in human blood. Also, it can be consumed without any complications. Due to these factors, there have been doctors in the past that used coconut water as an intravenous solution for dehydration.

Coconut water has a pleasant taste so it is used as an effectual oral rehydration drink. Some practitioners have realized its usefulness in combating dehydrating conditions like dysentery, cholera, and influenza in some third world countries. Coconut water has been used to be a successful electrolyte fluid in re-hydrating many individuals that need hydrating. All these vital factors and numerous health benefits have rightly earned coconut water the title of ‘fluid of life’ whereas, the coconut tree is referred to as the  ‘tree of life’.

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Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy foodsHealthy foods are all around us. Fresh fruits and vegetables are probably what most individuals view a wholesome food in the United States. A mixture of wholesome foods in the diet can help lead to healthy diet, so why not eat healthy foods.

This commentary will acquaint the reader to various foods round the earth, that by many are considered to be healthy and mouth-watering. While one person likes the flavor of something, someone else might not like it at all, it’s really up to the individual. The intention of this story is not to tell the reader what they do or do not enjoy, but to inform the reader of a few nourshing foods that are starting to trend here in the U.S.

Eat healthy foods: Coconut water

Coconut water has been consumed in many distinctive areas for years. Not everone grew up with a coconut tree in there back yard, but if a person did, chances are, coconut water was part of there regimen. Many people from the  tropics have been drinking straight out of the coconut much of there lives.

Many of the articles that I come across, about people in the States drinking coconut water, are indiviguals that have moved here from countries that have an abundance of coconut trees These individuals grew up drinking coconut water straight out of the shell. They know what a fresh picked young coconut should taste like. I’ve read many articles on individuals that were raised on coconut water and what they now drink living in the united states. Vita coco, Zico, O.N.E., Naked and Harvest bay are all first-rate picks. All unprocessed, contain electrolytes, and comes in tetra paks.

One quality that these previous companies have in common is that they are all 100 percent coconut water. No additives or stabilizers.

Fresh coconut water always has an expire date stamped on the carton. Pay close attention to it. After time it could go bad, just like any other fresh food that doesn’t have preservatives. I try to think of it like organic milk. I look at the expiration before I think about drinking it. Coconut water does have a much longer shelf life than milk but doesn’t need refridgerated.

Fresh coconut water has no added sugar or fat. People drink the coconut water because of the antioxidants in it. It is low acid, and has the electrolytes necessary to hydrate the body.

Coconut water isn’t for everyone, for many it is an acquired taste. Considering it’s raw and organic, it should be worth a try. If coconut water doesn’t appeal to you, keep reading “eat healthy foods“.

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Eat healthy foods: Manuka honey

Manuka honey is very common in New Zealand, and a few other parts of the planet. This organic honey comes from the nectar of Manuka bush only. It is intimately related to the Tea tree.

The difference between Manuka honey and other raw honeys isn’t a lot, but they are intense. There is the UMF which stands for the Unique Manuka Factor. What does UMF mean, it’s the standard that grades the honey on its anti-bacterial strength, It ranges from 0 to 30.

Manuka honey also has another rating that the buyer should be alert to and thats OMA. This is an abbreviation for “Organic Manuka Honey”. Organic Manuka Active means just that, it’s organic, active, and only come from the Manuka bush.

Every since the Manuka bush first flowered, and honey bees found it, there has been Manuka honey. For many years, New Zealand natives have been using honey from the Manuka bush. This location, Manuka honey is quite popular. Popularity in the U.S. is starting to develop.

Manuka honey may be a little expensive for some individuals. Other types of honey could cost a third of what Manuka cost, but do not have the same taste or benifits of this wonderful honey. When taking this into account, It requires a bee’s whole life to get enough nectar to fill a teaspoon with honey, and the Manuka bush only flowers for a month or less, the price of Manuka honey doesn’t seem quite so high. Eat healthy foods starting with Manuka honey

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Eat healthy foods: Coconut oil

Good coconut oil can be minimally processed in a multitude of ways. It could be a combination of extra virgin, cold compressed, raw with no GMO’s, expeller pressed or a concoction of the above. These are the kinds of coconut oil that we’ll be discussing.

There is also a different type of commercial grade coconut oil. They have been bleached, deodorized and possibly even hydrogenated. This is not the type of coconut oil we are talking about.

Coconut oil should be pleasing to the taste buds and have a definite aroma to it. If you buy organic-coldpressed coconut oil, chances are it will have these qualities.

Because of saturated fats, coconut oil used to be promoted as unhealthy. Now coconut oil is looked upon in a different light. At preasent time, raw coconut oil is being used as a nutritious alternative because of its lack of trans fatty acids and hydrogenation.

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There are many different healthy whole-foods in the world. Most people are not aware of many of these.

Remember, just because a healthy food taste delightful and makes one person feel good doesn’t mean that it will do the same for everyone. If it makes you feel good, taste great, and is healthy, there you go. What ever you eat, try to eat healthy foods.